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Opportunity Listings

Mission Zero Volunteers

Sheridan Student Union

Volunteering Opportunities: Year round

Location of Event: Davis, HMC and Trafalgar

Description of Volunteer Opportunity:

Throughout each term, volunteer days and times are flexible to your schedule and will be ongoing throughout each year. You will need to volunteer for a minimum of 12 hours throughout each term to qualify for a CCR.

Students from all programs and faculties are welcome, we are looking for a variety of talent!

To Get Involved, contact:

As a Mission Zero (MZ) Volunteer, you will assist the Office for Sustainability (OfS) with the promotion of the sustainability initiatives, the implementation of the community engagement events at Sheridan, and be involved in a variety of outreach activities and supporting events throughout each semester. Working with a team, not only will you have fun in meeting new people and making a difference at your campus, you will also be able to log down the volunteer hours that will be counted towards your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

The Mission Zero (MZ) initiative is led by the Office for Sustainability and it includes two key strategies, the energy and climate master plan and the Zero Waste (ZW) initiative. Our goals are to reduce the energy and GHG emissions by 50% and eliminate all the landfill waste by 2020. We need everyone’s support to build a green campus. On our Zero Waste initiative, we have already achieved some significant improvements in waste reduction and diversion since the rollout of the Zero Waste bins across the campus. We need to promote the ZW program to get everyone’s support!

If you are interested in helping out, you can sign up to be a volunteer on our website.  Make sure to keep updated on our events by checking your email, and our Mission Zero Facebook and Twitter.  Volunteer days and times are flexible to your schedule, and are ongoing year-round. 

We look forward to hearing from you!